Mobile Center 2.8 released

Mobile Center 2.8 is released and is available for download. Here some early information on what is going to be included in this release: The new release is going to be a milestone for enterprise mobile testing.

  • A brand new user role and access management lets you define individual access to devices and apps
  • A new 3 tier deployment makes it easy to setup Mobile Center in enterprise environments
  • With the new quota definition option for licenses you can assign quotas for e.g. departments in your company.
  • New usage metrics reports are available that might help you with internal billing based on actual usage.

There are also some brand new technical functionalities such as e.g. barcode, QR code, face ID simulation and also some new thing in the area of iOS packaging.

This graphic is showing some of the new features that implemented in Mobile Center 2.8:


Please check the usual download portals or start your free trial at:

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