Behaviour Driven Development

With Behaviour Driven Development (#BDD) we have targeted the right direction within software development. Using higher frequency of the feedback loops between the involved personas BDD is targeting on the spot of the #cost #of #translation. Using defined framework with keyword all involved personas can #embrace BDD to speed up the pace of delivery. One language, one way of working, on understanding, results into reduction of cost of translation.
#ALM #Octane was build to reduce the cost of translation while transforming towards #DevOps. The task of the #agile #teams is to build high #quality products and not to fix environment and traceability issues. With ALM Octane all different teams with their #tool islands can be #integrated #seemlessly and avoid any kind of #media #breaches.
Use the tool of your choice within the teams to implement BDD – ALM Octane will take care about scaling it to your whole enterprise.

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