ALM Octane is made for everyone

Micro Focus ALM Octane enables you to scale DevOps practices across Hybrid IT, automating and orchestrating continuous delivery pipelines from mainframe to mobile, and providing actionable insight to securely deliver high-quality software and services faster.

👉🏽With Agile tools for team collaboration, the product suite help teams collaborate effectively and manage projects more efficiently by executing tasks while delivering the highest quality software on time.

👉🏽Use DevOps tools to ensure quality and accelerate Agile dev and delivery. Track pipeline coverage. Perform analysis and tests to identify risk.

👉🏽Reduce integration costs and achieve value flow by managing DevOps tools with a delivery pipeline that connects to your IDE, CI & CD systems.

👉🏽Scale Agile processes beyond the team level by supporting 1000’s users, and 3rd-party frameworks; accelerate delivery, and maintain governance.

👉🏽Real-time status into CI & CD. View changes, identify the root cause of failures, and track commits associated with specific user stories & defects.

📌Learn more about Micro Focus Enterprise DevOps:

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