ALM Octane Introduction + how to get started!

Recently I have recorded a video on the ALM Octane Introduction and where | how to get started. The main goal is to provide a common understanding of the main differentiators using ALM Octane compared to any other Agile Planning & Quality Management tool. ALM Octane does not only provide a unified ecosystem to manage delivery items for your releases but also allows you to orchestrate quality at any stage in the lifecycle.

In this session, you will learn:
✔️Importance of Quality | Application Modules
✔️How to use the Requirement | Backlog | Quality Module with the example of Requirements Module
✔️What minimum customization settings you should have to contribute to a Quality Heatmap
✔️How the interconnection works between application modules, requirements, tests, and defects and why it matters
✔️Configuring and sharing reports and dashboard pages
✔️Having everything available just one click away

🎥Watch this session on the academy:

✍️Subscribe to #Octane#Academy YouTube Channel to learn more about it:


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