StormRunner Functional 1.61 released!

Do you want to test on a Mac without having a Mac? With StormRunner Functional 1.61 you just need a browser on your PC that’s it!

There are other great new features in StormRunner Functional 1.61 (see below), but this is the first one I tried. In the following screenshot you can see how I did an exploratory test on macOS with Safari Browser without actually having a Mac.

SRF Exploratory macOS

How did I do that? I just opened a browser on my Windows machine (I used Chrome, but other browsers should do as well). Then I launched StormRunner Functional, started an exploratory test where I selected macOS. That’s it! StormRunner Functional is providing me with a remote desktop connection to macOS and I can start testing.

It is recording all my test steps, creating screenshots and even a video if you like. It supports me with creating defects that include the full history of what I actually did during the test.

No installation and no browser add-ins are required for this! You might see I have UFT and Prisma Add-Ins installed, but those are not used and not required for StormRunner Functional.

You can even automate tests without having any test automation tool installed. Here I am recording a test under macOS:

SRF Mac Automation

In the upper part you can see the web site that I am recording and in the lower part you can see the script that is been generated.

As usual this script is OS and browser independent. So also scripts recorded under macOS can be executed under Windows 7, 8.1, 10 various browsers, resolutions, or Linux or real hosted or local Android or iOS devices. This feature did also exist in the previous released. The new thing is the macOS support.

You can also test intranet applications. Therefore StormRunner functional provides a tunnel. This tunnel was also enhanced. You can now define the timeout and proxy by parameter.

There a many other new interesting features like:

  • Workspaces – allows teams to work in separate workspaces and apply licenses to workspaces
  • Video recording – test steps of exploratory tests can now also be recorded as video if you like
  • Environment sets – Define and re-use most common test environment combinations as environment sets
  • ALM/QC integration – Submit defects found during test directly to ALM/QC (in the past releases this was only possible for Octane)

Are you interested to learn more? If you have not seen this already, this video is quite nice and shows you what StormRunner Functional or Mars the robot can do for you:

Or try StormRunner Functional youself. It is easy. All you need is a browser:

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