Mobile Center 2.8 available

Mobile Center 2.8 is released and is available for download. The new release is going to be a milestone for enterprise mobile testing:

  • A brand new user role and access management lets you define individual access to devices and apps
  • A new 3 tier deployment makes it easy to setup Mobile Center in enterprise environments
  • With the new quota definition option for licenses you can assign quotas for e.g. departments in your company.
  • New usage metrics reports are available that might help you with internal billing based on actual usage.
  • You can now easily simulate barcode, QR code and face ID!

This graphic is showing some of the new features that implemented in Mobile Center 2.8:

WhatsNew in 28

For full details, see the What’s New section in the online help:

Please check the usual download portals or start your free trial at:

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