How does the new BPT branching look like

I got asked quite a couple of times “Hey Thomas, I heard about the new BPT branching in ALM 12.60. How does it look like?”.

So for everyone who wants to see it, here a stupid simple example. There is an additional icon in the toolbar that lets you add branches. Each branch is checking a condition. You can use an output parameter or test parameter and compare it against a constant value, another output parameter or test parameter.

In the example below I did define a branch for the output parameter “is_raining” which is an output of the component “Check if it is raining cats and dogs” component. Within the branch I have three branch options. You can add also additional ones if you like. There is a maximum of 8 options for a branch.


BPT Branching

If you look at the example you will see that I have two options where I am comparing the output parameter with the constant values “yes” and “no”. The third option called “No match” is a standard option where you can define what should happen if there is no match. I did not create this one. Every new branch comes with at least one option and a “No match” option.

As usual you can add components at any place also inside the options. You can use drag & drop to move the components around as you like.

For detailed instructions on how to create a branch you can look at the online help:

However the online help does not provide an example. This is why I have created this one. I hope you like it.

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