Working with Requirements

In the last post, I shared how to get started with ALM Octane. As a follow-up, I have recorded 2 additional sessions on how to work with Requirements. This can be applied to Backlog Module in the exact same manner by creating a backlog structure instead of a requirement structure.

👉🏽 Part 1 – Getting Started with Requirements
✔️Authoring and Management Mode
✔️Build Overview Tab
✔️Import from Excel
✔️Flat format
✔️Pre-formatted, including snapshots
✔️Define Requirement Templates
✔️Provide | Define Template Structure

👉🏽 Part 2 – Requirement Coverage
✔️Define Coverage
✔️Create Tests, add steps
✔️Execution in Draft | Normal mode
✔️Defect Tracking
✔️Reporting (ongoing)
✔️Contribution to quality

🎥Watch Part 1 on the academy:

🎥Watch Part 2 on the academy:

✍️Subscribe to #Octane#Academy YouTube Channel to learn more about it:

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