Learn more about ALM Octane Developer

Do you know about the ALM Octane Developer offering?

The Developer offering enables backlog management, defect management, DevOps pipeline management, and manual testing execution. The Developer offering is added on top of a core Pro or Enterprise edition. 

ALM Octane Developer provides the following capabilities:
✔Team Backlog enables team-level Agile management:
◼️Features, user stories, and defects.
◼️Kanban and Scrum boards.
✔DevOps Pipeline Management:
◼️Native integration with any continuous integration server.
◼️Pipeline health and failure root cause analysis.
◼️Code coverage, DevSecOps.
✔Defects and vulnerability management.
✔Manual testing creation and execution.
✔My Work: Expanded collaboration with team members.
✔Visibility to Gherkin tests, automated tests, and test suites.
✔IDE: access to backlog.

✍️Subscribe to #Octane#Academy YouTube Channel to learn more about it: https://lnkd.in/dCntqPR

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