Meet Jolanta

Meet Jolanta 🙋 – she is a performance tester working on various projects using different open source tools. One of her favorite tools is #JMeter. She is working on a project which needs to roll out a web app for event registration for one of her clients. In the current project, Jolanta has to scale the performance tests to a very high number of virtual users and also involve additional load testing scripts #TruClient#DevWeb#Mobile, and #Gatling). Also part of the projects is to run these tests from different locations, including public/private clouds.

In her research, she came across LoadRunner Cloud, which she used for performance testing, and gained the following:
✔️scaling a large number of virtual users
✔️running load from public/private cloud as well as on-premise
✔️supporting various tool scripts (JMeter, Gatling, DevWeb, TruClient, Mobile, etc.)
✔️providing predictive analytics, powerful reporting, and trending capabilities.

Thanks to #LoadRunner#CloudJolanta helped her clients to easily plan, run and scale performance tests.

What about you? Start your Trial:

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