Meet Inbal

Meet INBAL, an automation engineer at a swiss bank. Her challenge is to automate test cases for various technologies and applications, such as web, mobile, desktop & mainframe running on various browsers, devices, and operation systems

She has been using open source tooling to cover her organization requirements, but struggled to:
🕣provide unified execution reports for all tests
🕣manage the complexity of the different tools
🕣invest time and effort in building page object models
🕣embed mocks for end-to-end testing

After we introduced UFT Developer to help her out, she is able to:
✔️build a unified report on the test execution flow
✔️simulate backend API’s and virtual services
✔️design tests based on application models and reducing maintenance effort
✔️provide end-to-end coverage for business processes across application

Shift-left your functional testing using standard programming languages, IDEs, and testing frameworks of choice

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