Implementing Waterfall Approach

📢Many customers ask me, how they should use ALM Octane for a waterfall project similar to ALM Quality Center.

Some of the main concerns are:
🔹Which modules do I need to use? (In ALMQC we used Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab and Defects.)
🔹How to structure Requirements?
🔹How can I manage Requirement Coverage?
🔹How can I see Execution Analysis by Release?

ALM Octane is different from ALM Quality Center but provides all (and much more) capabilities to implement a waterfall approach. While ALM Quality Center is tight to module-aligned work, ALM Octane is more context-driven and provides cross-module capabilities. For example, in ALM Octane you can create tests nearly in every “module” while as in ALMQC it is only possible in Test Plan.

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