Accelerate Application Delivery

Micro Focus #Enterprise #Devops integrates seamlessly into various market solutions and allows your organization to accelerate your application delivery process with high quality and speed at the lowest risk.

👉🏽With Agile tools for team collaboration, the product suite help teams collaborate effectively and manage projects more efficiently by executing tasks while delivering the highest quality software on time.

👉🏽Use DevOps tools to ensure quality and accelerate Agile dev and delivery. Track pipeline coverage. Perform analysis and tests to identify risk.

👉🏽Reduce integration costs and achieve value flow by managing DevOps tools with a delivery pipeline that connects to your IDE, CI & CD systems.

👉🏽Scale Agile processes beyond the team level by supporting 1000’s users, and 3rd-party frameworks; accelerate delivery, and maintain governance.

👉🏽Real-time status into CI & CD. View changes, identify the root cause of failures, and track commits associated with specific user stories & defects.

📌Learn more about Micro Focus Enterprise DevOps:

Accelerate application delivery with Micro Focus Enterprise DevOps

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