Test Automation: Going beyond the limits using UFT One AI-Based Testing

Now this is an article which will make the hearts of test automation engineers beat faster. In our last blog, we have talked about the opportunity enabled by AI-based testing, where amongst other things we demonstrated running an UFT tests on a windows machine where no UFT Installation existed. Today we are going even above the limits and will explain how you can execute UFT GUI tests on a Ubuntu machine. What? No this is not a typo, yes on a Ubuntu machine, on a Linux operating system


With the latest UFT One release (15.0.1) and its embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine, you can cover many use cases, which were never discovered before. 

The Linux operating system was so far a ‘No-Go’ area for Windows UI Test Automation Tools. Cross OS GUI tests were not possible at all for Java apps supporting not only windows but also other operating systems. Micro Focus huge investment in the AI-based Testing has changed the territory for Test Automation and test automation engineer can explore their current limits and go beyond it using UFT One AI based testing approach.

In our use case we will use the browser based RDP access to accomplish this use case. It is very important to access the remote desktop you want to automated using a browser based RDP. We have tried the following browser based RDPs:

  • Chrome RDP – Chrome Remote Desktop is fully cross-platform. Provide remote assistance to Windows, Mac and Linux users, or access your Windows and Mac desktops at any time, all from the Chrome browser on virtually any device, including Chromebooks.
  • Skytap Cloud – Skytap Cloud is an enterprise service purpose-built for the development and testing of complex applications. 
  • VMware Horizon – Using VMware Horizon™ HTML Access Web client 4.1, you can connect to remote desktops and applications without having to install any software on your client system.

Find as follow the architecture view of what we have prepared to evaluate this use case.


In order to make UFT run a GUI (graphical user interface) test on a Ubuntu (Linux operating system), we have installed the following virtual machines:

  • Windows Client with UFT One and embedded AI engine
  • Ubuntu machine with postman as the application under test

The test we created was on a publicly available REST API for accessing weather data for any location. This api will be consumed by the native linux app postman in our demonstration test case.

The demonstration was only with one machine, but long term solution could have multiple client machines with different operating systems running. 


The client architecture could have a Mac-book, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows and other operating system. On none of the client machine UFT One + AI need to be installed, the only key criteria is the RDP access based on a browser. The AI engine will set the context based on the browser and recognize the objects. 

We have recorded a demo video where UFT One executes a GUI test on Ubuntu machine using Postman as the application under test. 

This capability is not an officially supported feature of UFT One 15.0.1. AI engine. It has been evaluated as part of the community content and summarized in this blog. 

Happy Testing!

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