RPA – Automation Deployment Flow

RPA happens on production environment and works with LIVE apps, data and process. There is no room for incorrect execution, wrong data, or even automation instability. This can decrease acceptance of end users and reduce confident in automation. You need to follow a process in order to put automation live into production with highest quality and stability and at the same time reduce risk of disruption. #Micro #Focus #RPA provides the platform to design and build automation with souce code management integration systems like #GIT and deploy the automated processes to different environment. This way you can make sure that the #automation you are deploying is robust, quality assured and stable. 

Start your trial now (60 days free): https://bit.ly/3bdKN7i

#Easy-to-use #design #studio:
Design automations your way—visually or with code.

#Cross#platform #connections:
Build connected robots with one technology-rich product. Record UI actions for hundreds of applications.

#Scalable #robots:
Scale your robots up or down as workloads change.

#Centralized #security:
Control your robots completely from a central dashboard.

#Resilient #robots:
Keep processes flowing smoothly when change happens.

Checkout more informations on: https://bit.ly/2xHAr1K

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