How Micro Focus Deployment Automation benefits Quality & Test Engineers

Deployment Automation (DA) enables repeatable, reliable and audit-compliant processes to simplify application deployments, reduce risk and increase the velocity of delivery across all environments of your delivery pipeline.

There are many tasks for Quality & Testing Engineers which still cause alot of problems – often because there are too many testing tools used within the organization. Deployment Automation allows orchestration of automated tests tool agnostic and provides the following benefits to test engineers:

  • Design Your Continuous Testing Process
  • Automate Prepare and Post Testing Activities •Orchestrate the Execution Flow
  • Plan Timelines on Calendar for Execution
  • End to End Lab Reporting
  • Integrate with: ALM/QC, ALM Octane, Jira, Jenkins and many more…

Its easy-to-use graphical editor for process and deployment pipeline automation – You design processes using the process editor. In the process editor you drag process steps from a menu of steps onto the design space and configure them immediately. As you place additional steps, you visually define their relationships with one another.

Deployment pipelines and their associated environments are securely managed with Deployment Automation. Resources have roles, permissions, and approvals to ensure full control over who can deploy to each environment and when. Templates help build on the environment’s specific configuration, allowing variables to be environment-independent. The result is seamless, automated deployments, from development to production environments.

It provides a timeline planning module, which allows you and your team to run scheduled test automation based on the different test packages you may have in your release plan, i.e. nightly test runs, weekly test execution, regression-suites, etc.

Deployment Automation benefits:

  • Simplify, standardize, and automate the deployment of the most complex multi-tier applications
  • Seamlessly deploy and maintain applications across heterogeneous, distributed physical, virtual, container, and cloud servers whilst maintaining audit, compliance and reducing risk
  • Ensure that components tested together are released together—use the same deployment process for seamless automated deployments, from development to production
  • Reduce application failures in data center production by up to 90%
  • Cut the time and cost of managing deployments by up to 80%

The best thing is, it is free for up to 5 Agents! Download from here.

You will find 6 files there:

  •  – Server Installation – just install it on a windows server machine.
  • – All relevant plugins, i.e. Jenkins, Selenium, UFT, JIRA, Bamboo, etc.
  • – These agents need to be installed on all execution host machines for automated test cases. From the server you can manage all agents and see their state. Up to 5 Agents can be registered for free.
  • sda_walkthrough.pdf – The walkthrough PDF is very handy to understand the concept of Micro Focus DA. It will take you 1 hour to perform, but the value of the result is great understanding DA.
  • sda_guide.pdf – User Guide, feature overview and usage guidance.
  • sda_integration_guide.pdf – Integration Guide for REST API and other Micro Focus Products.

If there are any question, please feel free to contact me:

Have Fun!

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