Testing Host with UFT

I was just preparing a sample demo on how to test mainframe applications with #UFT. It was damm dark outside so I had to use my little lamp on my desk which was almost blinding me.

And then I did this mistake with the test data and was about to stop the recording. After all I liked it. So I was keeping this recording. It helps you to see how a failed checkpoint looks like and how to correct the test data.

So, if you want to see how my home office looks like, hear how bad my English actually is, or learn a bit on how to automate a test for a mainframe application then watch this video:

I was using #EnterpriseDeveloper and #RUMBA by the way. Enterprise Developer is an Eclipse based development environment for #COBOL. The terminal emulator RUMBA actually came with the Enterprise Developer installation.

Enterprise Developer


Unified Functional Testing

Special thanks go to Rolf Becking who helped me getting the COBOL example up and running.




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