Self Service Whitepaper

Self-Service: When asked about the requirements that have become most important for service management given the advent of cloud and hybrid IT, improved self-service capabilities tied with enhanced social IT capabilities for first place.

This isn’t at all surprising given the complexity and options that cloud services bring to bear, along with the growing expectations of an increasingly impatient end-user population, as the digital economy is changing the way people work. In another question,2 when asked about priorities in supporting self-service, the following capabilities surfaced in ranked order:

◦ More effective automation to support end-user access to services, tied with more effective knowledge management and analytics

◦ More effective automation for resolving end-user issues

◦ Service catalog

◦ Mobile access

◦ Enhanced role-based visualization

To read to complete Whitepaper:

Click to access automating_service_management_for_the_digital_age_wp.pdf

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