PC12.60 looks like ALM Octane!

I just did install the new #PerformanceCenter 12.60 server and was surprised by the new look and feel: It is now a pure HTML5 web frontend and looks like #ALM #Octane!!!

performance center - alm octane like menu

You can now define recurrent timeslots for your performance tests if you e.g. want to run performance tests on a weekly or daily (nightly) basis.

performance center - reserve timeslot

Initializing run looks more and more like #StormRunner Load:

performance center - preparing run

All results can be analyzed while the test is running interactively. This view is still available and you can continue analyze the results when the performance test is completed.

performance center - view results

#VuGen 12.60 is also now in Micro Focus layout and colors. The following screenshot shows the recording summary. I was deselecting google-analytics etc. and did regenerate the script so that these external pages do not get stressed by my load test.

vugen 12.60 - regenerate script without google-analytics

New VuGen 12.60 also supports the new JavaScript based lightwight #TruWeb protocol:

vugen 12.60 truweb

I was also experimenting with the #Atom IDE plugin which allows you to edit and even run TruWeb scripts from within your Atom IDE:

truweb atom

Also the Performance Center Administration interface is pure Web frontend, runs in all browsers and can comes with a nice looking Dashboard:

performance center - administration - dashboard

For more information on what’s new in Performance Center 12.60 see the online help:


If you want to try Performance Center yourself: Register for a free trial:


If you are new to load testing I would recommend the simple, smart an scalable StormRunner Load SaaS based solution:


You can simply register for a trial and will have your own trial version available within minutes. With StormRunner Load there is nothing you need to install, maybe a scripting environment, if you want.

PS: The screenshots are actually from Performance Center 12.61 release. I also did install Patch 1 for Performance Center 12.60. If you install this patch your Performance Center will show up as “Performance Center 12.61”.

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