DevOps Trends 2019

#DevOps #Trends for 2019

Higher Demand for #SDET‘s
2019 will be a perishing year for the traditional QA testers and will raise a higher demand for software development engineers in test (SDET’s). Testers who are looking for increase their skillset, the forecasting recommendation is to learn coding toward DevOps.

#Security will #Rise
Security will become a major aspect and core component of software development, which will be totally integrated across all phases of DevOps.

#Machine #Learning
Machine learning (ML) has already been integrated in several analysis and it will become even more important for contribution toward Mean Time To Recover (MTTR).

#CD #Adoption #Raise
Organization will continue to invest to integrate continuous delivery to the complete sdlc process.

#Enterprise #Toolchain
2019 will require enterprise agile project management tools with built-in quality and openness toward development eco systems. Due to higher release frequencies and big data volume, the traditional agile tools will fail to provide enterprise capabilities.

Kubernetes, Docker swarm & co. will continue their rise. Software vendors will require high adoption to their software solution and components in order to keep the market pace and gain competitive advantage.


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