5 Hottest ITSM trends 2019

5 #hottest #ITSM #trends and #topics for 2019

Automation was a hot topic in 2018 and it will continue to rise in 2019. Integrative capabilities will make the difference in successful service management automation.

2. #Self-#service
It will keep on growing together with social #collaboration and technology adoption will be key for #modern self-service, as well as the rise of the Millennial Generation in the workplace.

3. #Artificial #Intelligence (AI) & #Machine #Learning (ML)
ML & AI are predicted to make your ticketing process more efficient (based on #historical and #forcasting data and trends of your organization) by not only telling you how many tickets are in queue, but also providing you insights on how to resolve the easiest tickets faster.

4. #Digital #Transformation
Digital Transformation will continue to impact the service desk with advancing and adoption of new technology and changing the modern workplace through automation and social collaboration.

5. #Adoption of #modern #ITSM Tools
Many organization are struggling to keep the pace of changing technology and service offering catalog by their traditional ITSM tools and start investing in codeless configuration, social collaboration, smart analytics and flexible deployment options.


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