Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

With the change of software testing shifting left accepted across the world, the role of the tester has evolved to be more cross functional.

Today Continuous Testing especially Functional, Non-functional and Security Testing are needed for every apps being developed. Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs) are the perfect fit with their dual capabilities in development and testing on the road to DevOps. They help improve the Code Quality by source code reviews along with Testability of the code. Based on their cross functional role SDETs deliver to write a code and to test the code written by developers. It transforms the traditional tester role from being a cost center to delivering value to the business by reducing the pace of test in delivery.

SDET is responsible for:

– Implementing high-class continuous testing for functional and performance testing as well as understand the importance of security.

– Design and develop code for test automation and unit test coverage

– Taking care of test data and environments to be ready and available

– Fixing and debugging code in failure analysis

While automation engineers may be required in the mid-term future – SDET may be the all-rounder that most enterprises are looking for in the digital age.

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