Areas to Focus to solve Enterprise Agility Issues

#ALM #Octane allows #agile tester to seamlessly integrate agile methodlogies & tools into the platform.
#Sprint #planning & #execution: Which Item should be picked from backlogs and estimated time for testing the component. Testers can exactly see which stories are covered and which still need to be tested. Using quality stories agile testers can exactly track all activities and effort for testing.
#Story & #Tasks #Board: In daily scrum meeting #tester get the information about previously done tasks and also do plan for next task to be deliver delivered by the developer. This visibility allows testers to easily focus on the sprint priorities.
#Daily #work : Tester should perform acceptance test, system test, integration test and test #automation on the daily work of the current sprint. In #My #Work #module within ALM Octane, the testers can see directly what is planned for the daily work, which tests need attention, which tests need to be executed, etc.

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