Testing SAP business processes with UFT

The 3 key things you need to know when automating a SAP business process with UFT

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How to automate SAP Business Process with UFT

Recently I got some questions about how to automate SAP business processes and let them run in #ALM #Octane. #ALMOctane is lean and agile, so you don’t have those heavingwight tight couple testing frameworks like busines process testing. You need to create your automated tests using pure UFT functionality.

When automating a SAP business process you typically create something like e.g. an order and then use the order in following process steps for further processing. Therfore you need to remember the order number.

Most of the steps of your SAP business process can be captured by simple recording, but the order number is something you need to handle yourself and tell UFT from where to extract the number and where to use it later on.

So you need to know these three key things when you want to automate a SAP business process with UFT:

1. How to use actions to separate the process into process steps
2. How to extract an ID or number from SAP screen or status bar
3. How to re-use that number in a following business process step

Click on the video below to see how this works:

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