Continuous Mobile Testing

#Continuous #Mobile #Testing
1. Smart analytics for better testing
Mobile analytics offer you actionable insights you can use to improve your app and how you test it. Optimize test cases and device testing by continually measuring the user experience.

2. Realistic user acceptance testing
Network Virtualization for Mobile is designed specifically for mobile app testing. Mimic your users’ experience by modeling accurate mobile-specific use cases and gesture-based scenarios on multiple real devices.

3. Automated testing on real devices
Object-based automation, easy maintenance, and smart reports help you increase test coverage and speed up test cycles. Test remote and local iOS and Android devices connected to an on-premise or cloud-based lab.

4. Structured exploratory testing
Exploring the app with a user mindset helps you discover defects and unleashes the tester’s creativity. You can report defects and provide feedback on the design, while slashing test cycle time.

5. Mobile performance optimization
Testing with virtual and real devices gives you an accurate picture of the end-to-end mobile performance of your app. Run simple, elastic, and realistic tests from multiple geographies across various real-world network conditions.

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