New TruWeb protocol – Lightwight powerful SDK

#TruWeb is a brand new lightweight protocol focused on HTTP transport level. It uses a new JavaScript SDK which makes it easy to create the scripts in your favorite JavaScript IDE without having to install #VuGen.

TruWeb Logo

You can simple record scripts in Chrome browser (no add-in required!). In Chrome just press F12 for Chrome developer tools, go to “Network” and check “Preseve log”. Then open your application under test in Chrome. Make sure you wait until the page is entirely loaded. Then stop recording and save as HAR with content as shown in the following screenshot.

TruWeb - Recoring in Chrome Browser - network - preserve log - save har with content

Then use the OfflineGenerator command line tool. It is very simple: HAR file goes in. JavaScript file goes out:

TrueWeb - Offline Generator

You can download the OfflineGenerator from the Micro Focus Marketplace:

There are also versions available for MacOS and Linux.

This is the generated JavaScript you can use for HTTP protocol based load testing:

TruWeb - Generated script -

There is a plugin for and JetBrains WebStorm that lets you run your script directly from the IDE / editor. The plugins can also be downloaded from the marketplace. To install the plugin for all you need to do is to copy the plugin to the .atom folder (found in the users folder, e.g. c:\users\myuser\.atom, or simply do a “cd ~” in Linux).

You can even run a one script simple scenario from / WebStorm. Provide number of VUsers, pacing time, ramp up time, duration and ramp down time in seconds in the scenario.yml created automatically by the OfflineGenerator with the JavaScript and select “Run scenario” from the TruWeb menu:

TruWeb - Run Scenario -

This helps you test your script with some degree of concurrency. For a full featured load test scenario run simply upload your JavaScript to StormRunner Load – #SRL, Performance Center – #PC or use it in #LoadRunner. All you need to do is to zip the entire folder created by the #OfflineGenerator and upload the zip to LoadRunner whatever edition. See the next screenshot for the aos2 script uploaded to StormRunner Load:

TruWeb - in StormRunner Load

Define your load test scenario as usual:

TruWeb - StormRunner Load scenario

And off you go! Your first TruWeb load test is running!

TruWeb - Running in StormRunner Load

For detailed documentation see:

Launch your free trial for StormRunner Load today:

Also watch my video on:


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