Meet the amazing Application Lifecylce Family!

Have you heard about the application lifecycle family and the separation of the family members? It is still ongoing at many enterprises where due to this family separation the pace of delivery is not met. Very sad…

Let’s change the way we see the artefacts of the application lifecycle management and threath each family member with harmony to change the pace and quality toward DevOps.

#EMBRACE, #ADOPT, #INTEGRATE & #SCALE – #ALM #Octane integrates by nature your #DevOps toolchain and enables your organization to seamlessly follow the process. ALM Octane is open minded and integrates into your DevOps tool chain.

Try it out today.
ALM Octane Free Trial (90 Days):

Check out many more features supporting #Enterprise #Agile.
Official ALM Octane Onlinehelp site:

#Funny #AnInfographicADayKeepsTheCompetitionAway

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