DevOps is a Team Game & ALM Octane is the Platform

#ALM #Octane enable organizations to:
– Start your Agile and #DevOps transformation with ALM Octane to avoid disconnection between Agile #teams or #Agile vs. #Waterfall silos from the very beginning.
– Reduce #TCO by consolidating separate tools into ALM Octane.
– Take advantage of ALM Octane to modernize your #test and #quality management, achieve end-to-end automation, and extend Agile practices to QA and Operations
– Adapts to your needs as your organization grows in #Agile/DevOps maturity and scale, and achieves higher return on investment.

Don’t forget: “DevOps is a team game….”
I invite you to find out: “…. and ALM Octane is the platform (for DevOps & Teams).”

Try out #ALM #Octane Free Trial (90 Days):

Visit our official ALM Octane #Onlinehelp site to learn more about it:


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