You never see a robot on the beach


This is the titel of an interesting blog and video of IntelliQA. You must see this! This is incredible. They are using Octane, LeanFT, and Mobile Center in combination with Abtrantix robots.

Yes, you are reading right. True physical robots. Machines! Not just software. They use it to increase test automation coverage and automate things you cannot automate by software, because there is some hardware in the loop!

robot on the beach

So they are using true robot arms to e.g. enter PINs on true payment system devices. “These allow complete system tests to be run as part of continuous delivery.”, they are saying and “enabling people to focus on less repetitive activity, such as exploratory testing, or enjoying the beach!” Doesn’t this sound great?

Watch out their Linked-in_post:

It has this incredible video embedded, here the direct link:


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