What Product Managers can expect from ALM Octane ?

Product Management works closely with development in short and integrated learning cycles, by bringing the voice of the customers to the developers and vice versa.
ALM Octane helps Product Managers to:
– build vertical teams
– increase release quality
– track progress across multiple projects & teams.

ALM Octane enable organizations to:
– Start your Agile and DevOps transformation with ALM Octane to avoid disconnection between Agile teams or Agile vs. Waterfall silos from the very beginning.
– Reduce TCO by consolidating separate tools into ALM Octane.
– Take advantage of ALM Octane to modernize your test and quality management, achieve end-to-end automation, and extend Agile practices to QA and Operations
– Adapts to your needs as your organization grows in Agile/DevOps maturity and scale, and achieves higher return on investment.

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