Experience ALM Octane

The constantly evolving demands to deliver new digital innovation faster than ever before challenge the teams responsible to build, test, and deliver software in the new ways every day. These teams need an enterprise-ready new innovative application lifecycle management (ALM) platform that supports lean, agile, and rapid software delivery.

With the new release of ALM Octane Micro Focus Software expands the ALM experience not just for agile teams, but also makes agility enterprise & DevOps ready. This includes workflows, versioning (via embedded git), audit trail, and continuous delivery, but also advanced analytics for CI/CD pipeline including risky commits, failure analysis and workflow.

Experience the new innovation ALM Octane can bring to your teams. If it is in the area of behavior driven development, full traceability from epics, business requirements, features, user stories, tasks, sprints, releases, builds, commits, tests (automated & manual), runs, results, and defects. No matter if your teams work in Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban or even waterfall approach.

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