Visual Test Coverage

Are you doing exploratory testing and sometimes you do not know what you have already tested? Or are you automating test cases and sometimes you do not know what is already automated?

Visual test coverage can help you visualize what was already tested and which areas of your application under test you did never ever look again.

This is especially important when you are testing in a team. Do you always know what your team mates have already tested?

Look at this screen here. It shows my application under test where you can purchase some speakers, tablets, headphones, laptops, mice and so on. Marked in green you can see which areas I have already tested (or anyone else in my team!).


This is a live view. It automatically get updated whenever you are doing a further click on your application under test.

I did also record a short view on this that shows how this works:

Primsa is currently in beta and for free. You can download it from the AppDelivery marketplace:

It is currently integrated with ALM Octane, but the goal is to also support ALM/QC.

I did install it myself on a CentOS 7 virtual machine. I took some notes during the setup. Watch out for my next article on how I did set this up on CentOS 7. A general installation guide comes with the installation package.

Enjoy and happy testing!

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