Scaling DevOps

5 key steps for scaling DevOps within enterprises

1. Start small, think BIG.
Invest in smaller projects with a team of individuals who have the skill sets & understand the culture to deliver innovation. Definition of small goals is most important. Management support required.

2. Educate
Make sure the team has the mindset & culture to drive your initiative. Create a culture where failure should be part of the plan to learn how to do it better: Cntinuously learning.

3. Culture
Push for positive culture between the cross functional teams, i.e. business, developers, testers, operations. There no more „this is the responsibility of the operations team“ – it should be „this is our responsibility as ONE team“.

4. Feeback
Get continuous feedback of your endusers to improve – Monitor the system to see how enusers are using the app & incorperate their feedback and make the required changes.

5. Automate
System wise THE key aspect of DevOps. Automate everything, incl. data synchronization, build, testing, deployment, etc. Reduce the manual interaction. Use tools which are made with the culture of agile project management and devops. Reporting, analytics and insights will help you to fix failures quickly.

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