Best Performance and Load Testing Tools

Load Runner and Silk Performer part of the BEST performance testing tools.

#LoadRunner is the oldest and most mature performance test tool in the market, it has been around since 1994, it really picked up on version 5 or 6 in 1998-9. This tool was originally created by Mercury Interactive, which was acquired by HP in 2006. Later in 2016 HP sold its software division to Micro-focus. LoadRunner is unique in that its core features are divided into 5 different software installations: VuGen, Controller, Generator, Agent process and Analysis.

#Silk #Performer – Originally created by Segue, acquired by Borland where it gained its most notoriety, it was acquired by Micro-Focus in 2009. (Micro-Focus now has two of the top offering in the Load Testing market, the other on being LoadRunner)

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