DevOps success with ALM Octane


Overcome the following barriers to guarantee your DevOps success:
– #CULTURE – Focus on collaboration with shared goals across teams.
– #Continuous #Testing – Embrace island solutions within your toolchains (Selenium, UFT, Cucumber, Tosca, etc.) and focus on risk-based testing with high automation rates.
– #PLAN – Have a clear plan including milestones, with owners and deliverables.
– #ENVIRONMENTS – Automate and standardize complexed environment with containers and cloud solutions for development and testing.
– #SKILLSET – Enable you team and establish common understanding for the culture.
– #Tools – Embrace, Adopt, Integrate and Scale your tool chain within a common platform which allows you to seamlessly follow the process.
– #Executive #Support – Educate executives to get resources and budget.

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